Tikkurila Coatings

Tikkurila Coatings

Tikkurila Group since its beginnings in 1862, develops, manufactures and sells paints and coatings designed for individual consumers, professional painters and for industrial needs.


Tikkurila implements the experience of over one hundred years in the paint and varnish development and application methods, so that it solves each and every problem associated with painting and surface treatment. Tikkurila’s advisors provide professional help regarding the appropriate choice of the painting equipment and the methods of application, which both contribute to the long lasting and esthetical end result.


The group’s main field of operation covers the distribution of Tikkurila products and tinting systems. We combine traditional methods with modern paint manufacturing technologies, with special regard to the environment protection. Competent workers, thriving Research and Development Department, highly automatized manufacturing technology and efficient logistics, all give the guarantee of the highest quality products and professional service Engaged in a continuous process of research Tikkurila creates and develops innovative products with improved protective properties, which reduces the amount of coating applied, and hence, reduces the costs and complies with environmental protection.


Tikkurila can deliver a desired amount of paint throughout Europe due to flexible storage arrangements of their products.


Temaspeed distributors offer an entire delivery system of Tikkurila products in color divided due to the popularity, or according to international industrial color cards. In addition, Temaspeed offers specific, individually selected shades even for very small amounts of product.


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